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Năm xuất bản Nhan đềTác giả
1836On the theory of painting to which is added and index of mixed tints, and an introduction to painting in water-colours, with precepts.Fielding, T H
1837The sketcher's manual, or, The whole art of picture making reduced to the simplest principles : by which amateurs may instruct themselves without the aid of a masterHoward, Frank
1839Introduction to the Art of Painting in Oil ColorsCawse, John
1839The Art of Painting in Oil, and in FrescoMérimée, Jean-François-Léonor; Taylor, William Benjamin Sarsfield
1839A practical treatise on drawing and on painting in water colours : with illustrative examples in pencil, in sepia, and in water colours leading the pupil progressively ... : comprehending the treatment of coast scenery, river scenery, and general landscapePhillips, G F
1840The art of painting portraits, landscapes, animals, draperies, satins, &c. in oil colours : practically explained by coloured palettes : with an appendix on cleaning and restoring ancient paintings on panel or canvasCawse, John
1840Chromatography; Or, A Treatise On Colours And Pigments, And Of Their Powers In PaintingField, George
1840The theory and practice of water colour painting. Elucidated in a series of letters.Barret, George
1842A Hand-book of the History of Painting from the age of constantine the great to the present time. Part I: The Italian schools of paintingKugler, Franz; Eastlake, Charles Lock
1844A Treatise on PaintingCennini, Cennino; Tambroni, Giuseppe
1845An Introduction to Perspective: Practical Geometry, Drawing and PaintingHayter, Charles
1845The Guide to Oil PaintingTempleton, J S.
1846On the Theory and Practice of Painting in Oil and Water colors for landscape and portraitsFielding, T, H.
1847The American drawing-book : a manual for the amateur, and basis of study for the professional artist: especially adapted to the use of public and private schools, as well as home instruction.Chapman, John Gadsby
1849Fashion or Siska Van RoosemaelConscience, Hendrik
1849Handbook of Young Artists and Amateurs in Oil PaintingOsborn, Laughton; Bouvier, Pierre Louis
1850Notes histoeical, jesthetical, ethnological, physiological, anecdotal, and tonsorial, on the hair & beard.Trichocosmos
1850Rudiments of the Painters' ArtField, George
1852Theory and Practice of Perspective, with the Application of the same to Drawing from NatureLocock, William
1852A Manual of Artistic Anatomy: for the use of sculptors, painters and amateursKnox, Robert