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Năm xuất bản Nhan đềTác giả
2013I used to be a design student : then, nowPhilippin, Frank; Kiosoglou, Billy
2019IBIEM Analysis of Dynamic Response of a Shallowly Buried Lined Tunnel Based on Viscous-Slip Interface ModelZhou, Xiaojie; Liang, Qinghua; Liu, Zhongxian; He, Ying
2011ICC Guide to Incoterms 2010: Understanding and Practical UseRamberg, Jan
2019Identification of Far-Field Long-Period Ground Motions Using Phase DerivativesDai, Minghui; Li, Yingmin; Liu, Shuoyu; Dong, Yinfeng
2019Identifying Factors Affecting the Sustainability of Water Environment Treatment Public-Private Partnership ProjectsLi, Huimin; Xia, Qing; Wen, Shiping; Wang, Lunyan; Lv, Lelin
2007Identity by designWatson, Georgia Butina; Bentley, Ian
2016Identity Design: Design the Identity You Need to Get the Life You WantSzymanski, Judge Frank
2013IELTS Listening Recent Actual Tests-
2005Image processing: Principles and applicationsAcharya, Tinku; Ray, Ajoy K.
2010Image processing: The fundamentals (2nd ed.)Petrou, Maria; Petrou, Costas
2019Image Repair Must Get to the Root CausePeters, Rita
2019Image-Based Concrete Crack Detection Using Convolutional Neural Network and Exhaustive Search TechniqueLi, Shengyuan; Zhao, Xuefeng
2019Image-Based Underwater Inspection System for Abrasion of Stilling Basin Slabs of DamLi, Yonglong; Zhang, Hua; Wang, Shuang; Wang, Haoran; Li, Jialong
1989Images 1: Premiere serieDebussy, Claude
2014Imagining Women's CareersCohen, Laurie
2018Immunohematology and transfusion medicine: A case study approach- 2nd ed.Friedman, Mark T.; West, Kamille A.; Bizargity, Peyman …(et al.)
2018Immunotoxicity testing: Methods and protocols - 2nd ed.DeWitt, Jamie C; Rockwell, Cheryl E; Bowman, Christal C (Editors)
2019Impact Energy Consumption of High-Volume Rubber Concrete with Silica FumeLi, Hai-long; Xu, Ying; Chen, Pei-yuan; Ge, Jin-jin; Wu, Fan
2018Impact of a changing climate, land use, and water usage on water resources in the Danube river basin: JRC technical reportsBisselink, Bernard; Bernhard, Jeroen; Gelati, Emiliano ….[et als]
2015Impact of Addictive Substances and Behaviours on Individual and Societal Well-beingAnderson, Peter; Rehm, Jürgen; Room, Robin