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Năm xuất bản Nhan đềTác giả
2010Pablo Picasso : 1881-1973Podoksik, Anatoli
2011Packaging the brand : the relationship between packaging design and brand identity : required reading range course readerAmbrose, Gavin; Harris, Paul
1906Paint & Colour Mixing, A Practical HandbookJennings, Seymour
1892Painters' Colours, Oils, and Varnishes: A Practical ManualHurst, George Henry
1934Painting a PortraitLászló, De
1856Painting in Water ColoursWarren, Henry
1859Painting Popularly ExplainedGullick, Thomas John; Timbs, John
1855Paper and Paper Making Ancient and ModernHerring, Richard
2017Passive house details : solutions for high-performance designCorner, Donald B.; Fillinger, Jan C.; G. Kwok, Alison
1905Pastoral medicine: a handbook for the Catholic clergySanford, Alexander E; Drum, Walter M
2001Pattern classification - 2nd ed.Duda, Richard O.; Hart, Peter E.; Stork, David G.
2012Pattern Cutting for Clothing Using CAD: How to Use Lectra Modaris Pattern Cutting SoftwareStott, M
2010Pattern Making for Fashion DesignArmstrong, Helen Joseph; Maruzzi, Vincent James
2006Pattern recognition and machine learningBishop, Christopher M.
2013Patternmaking for menswearKershaw, Gareth
2002Patterns of enterprise application architectureFowler, Martin; Rice, David; Foemmel, Matthew
2017Perceptions and practice of “innovation” of the English language teachers in univeristies in VietnamLê Thị Ngọc, Diệp
2007Perennials : the gardener's referenceCarter, Susan; Becker, Carrie; Lilly, Bob
2010Perfect presentations : How you can master the art of successful presentingIvey, Andrew
2018Personal Relationships_2018_ Vol.25 (No.1)Nhiều tác giả