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Năm xuất bản Nhan đềTác giả
2021p-Coumaric Acid Enhances Hypothalamic Leptin Signaling and Glucose Homeostasis in Mice via Differential Effects on AMPK ActivationLinh V. Nguyen; Khoa D. A. Nguyen; Chi-Thanh Ma et al.
2021P.Y. Galperin's Development of Human Mental Activity: Lectures in Educational PsychologyEngeness, Irina
2020Paper Versus Practice: A Field Investigation of Integrity HotlinesSoltes, E.
2019Parameter Sensitivity and Inversion Analysis for a Concrete Face Rockfill Dam Based on CS-BPNNChen, Yue; Gu, Chongshi; Shao, Chenfei; Qin, Xiangnan
2019Parametric Push-Out Analysis on Perfobond Rib with Headed Stud Mixed Shear ConnectorZheng, Shuangjie; Chen, Zhao; Liu, Yangqing
2019Parametric Study on the Seismic Response of Steel-Framed Buildings with Self-Centering Tension-Only BracesPei, Chi; Tian, Wenlong; Guo, Tong; Cao, Dafu; Dong, Jun
2021Parenting and Work in Poland: A Gender Studies PerspectiveSuwada, Katarzyna
2021Partial Differential Equations in EcologySergei Petrovskii
2015Partial Formalization: An Approach for Critical Analysis of Definitions and Methods Used in Bulk Extraction-Based Molecular Microbial EcologyKlein, Donald A.
2015Particle Accelerator PhysicsHelmut Wiedemann
2015Particulate Matters Pollution Characteristic And The Correlation Between PM (PM2.5, PM10) And Meteorological Factors During The Summer In ShijiazhuangLi, Han; Guo, Bin; Han, Mengfei; Tian, Miao; Zhang, Jin
2018Partnership Between Families of Children with Muscular Dystrophy and Health-care Professionals: From Parents' PerspectiveYang, Bao-Huan; Chung, Chia-Ying; Li, Yuh-Shiow
1905Pastoral medicine: a handbook for the Catholic clergySanford, Alexander E; Drum, Walter M
2018Pathophysiology and Imaging Diagnosis of Demyelinating DisordersEvanthia Bernitsas (editor)
2021Paths: Why is life filled with so many detours?Gulyás, András; Heszberger, Zalán; Biró, József
2020Peace, Politics, and ReligionHaynes, Jeffrey (Ed.)
2019Pediatric Palliative CareFriedrichsdorf, Stefan J. (editor)
2015Perception Of Climate Change And Livelihood Of A Farming Community Of Maruf Kebele, Central Oromia, EthiopiaBelachew, Olika; Zuberi, Muhammad Iqbal
2015Perception-Based Analysis (PBA) Of Climate Change Impacts On The Forest And Agricultural Ecosystem Of Shropshire, United KingdomEzeah, Chukwunonye; Simbabure, Emmah
2017Perceptions and practice of “innovation” of the English language teachers in univeristies in VietnamLê Thị Ngọc, Diệp