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Các biểu ghi của bộ sưu tập (Sắp xếp bởi Ngày gửi theo thứ tự Giảm dần): 1 tới 20 của 202
Năm xuất bản Nhan đềTác giả
2016Computing Characterizations of Drugs for Ion Channels and Receptors Using Markov ModelsAslak Tveito; Glenn T. Lines
2016MARE-WINT: New Materials and Reliability in Offshore Wind Turbine TechnologyWiesław Ostachowicz; Malcolm McGugan; Jens-Uwe Schröder-Hinrichs; Marcin Luczak
2016A History of Radionuclide Studies in the UK: 50th Anniversary of the British Nuclear Medicine SocietyRalph McCready; Gopinath Gnanasegaran; Jamshed B. Bomanji
2016Quantization on Nilpotent Lie GroupsVeronique Fischer; Michael Ruzhansky
2016Melting Hadrons, Boiling Quarks - From Hagedorn Temperature to Ultra-Relativistic Heavy-Ion Collisions at CERN: With a Tribute to Rolf HagedornJohann Rafelski
2019Nanostructure Based Sensors for Gas Sensing: from Devices to SystemsDonato, Nicola; Grassini (Eds.), Sabrina
2019Applications of Computational Intelligence to Power SystemsS. Kodogiannis (Ed.), Vassilis
2019Modeling and Simulation of Energy SystemsA. Adams II (Ed.), Thomas
2019Processing-Structure-Property Relationships in MetalsMontanari, Roberto; Varone (Eds.), Alessandra
2019Visible Light Communication and PositioningGong (Ed.), Chen
2019HVDC for Grid Services in Electric Power SystemsJang (Ed.), Gilsoo
2019Smart Sensors for Structural Health MonitoringUbertini, Filippo; Laflamme, Simon; Li (Eds.), Jian
2019Tissue Engineering and Regenerative NanomedicineMiguel Oliveira, Joaquim; L. Reis (Eds.), Rui
2019Thermal and Electro-thermal System SimulationRencz, Márta; Codecasa (Eds.), Lorenzo
2019Numerical and Evolutionary OptimizationLara, Adriana; Quiroz, Marcela; Mezura-Montes, Efrén; Schütze (Eds.), Oliver
2019Liquid Crystal on Silicon Devices: Modeling and Advanced Spatial Light Modulation ApplicationsAndrés Márquez, Ángel Lizana (Eds.)
2019Methods and Concepts for Designing and Validating Smart Grid SystemsStrasser, Thomas; Rohjans, Sebastian; Burt (Eds.), Graeme
2019Cleaner CombustionDunn-Rankin, Derek; Chien (Eds.), Yu-Chien
2019Nanogrids, Microgrids, and the Internet of Things (IoT): Towards the Digital Energy NetworMoreno-Munoz (Ed.), Antonio
2019Integral Transforms and Operational CalculusSrivastava (Ed.), Hari Mohan
Các biểu ghi của bộ sưu tập (Sắp xếp bởi Ngày gửi theo thứ tự Giảm dần): 1 tới 20 của 202