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Nhan đề: 2018 Reviewer Acknowledgement
Tác giả: Many authors
Từ khoá: Nursing Research
Năm xuất bản: 2018
Nhà xuất bản: Elsevier Limited
Tóm tắt: t the conclusion of Volume 12 of the Asian Nursing Research, the Editors wish to express gratitude and appreciation for the support of so many colleagues who have dedicated their time for ANR this year. They evaluated the research that was submitted to the journal and shared their insights about the papers' strengths and weaknesses. This enabled us to make the right decisions and it helped our authors to further improve their work. At the end of this year, we would like to take an opportunity to openly acknowledge all those reviewers who have contributed to the journal’s success. Their names of those who completed one or more reviews between November 1st, 2017 and October 31st, 2018 are listed as below. We would like to warmly thank them for their hard work and dedication and would like to extend a special thanks to those who completed their reviews on time as good and timely peer review is absolutely essential for the success of the ANR
Mô tả: 3 tr. ; 93 kb, Asian Nursing Research 12 (2018) iieiii
Định danh:
ISSN: 2093-7482
Bộ sưu tập: Bài báo_lưu trữ

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