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Nhan đề: A Casimir-Dark Energy Nano Reactor Design—Phase One
Tác giả: Naschie, Mohamed S. El
Từ khoá: Casimir Effect
Dark Energy
Cantorian Spacetime
Nano Reactor Avant Projet
Free Energy
Zero Point Vacuum Energy
Hartle-Hawking Quantum Wave of the Cosmos
Năm xuất bản: 2015
Nhà xuất bản: Scientific Research Publishing Inc.
Tóm tắt: A phase one design of a new free energy nano reactor is presented. The design is based on a basically topological interpretation of the Casimir effect as a natural intrinsic property of the geometrical topological structure of the quantum-Cantorian micro spacetime. In particular we view dark energy, Hawking negative energy, Unruh temperature and zero point vacuum energy as being different sides of the same multi-dimensional coin. This new interpretation compliments the earlier conventional interpretation as vacuum fluctuation or as a Schwinger source and links the Casimir energy to the so-called missing dark energy density of the cosmos. We start with a general outline of the theoretical principle and basic design concepts of a proposed Casimir dark energy nano reactor. In a nutshell the theory and consequently the actual design depend crucially upon the equivalence between the dark energy density of the cosmos and the faint local Casimir effect produced by two sides boundary condition quantum waves. This Casimir effect is then colossally amplified as a one internal quantum wave representing a Hartle-Hawking state vector of the universe pushing from the inside against the boundary of the universe with nothing balancing it from the non-existent outside. This strange situation becomes completely natural and logical when we remember that the boundary of the universe is a one sided Möbius like manifold. In view of the present theory, this is essentially what leads to the observed accelerated expansion of the cosmos. As in any reactor, the basic principle in the present design is to produce a gradient so that the excess energy on one side flows to the other side. Thus in principle we will restructure the local topology of space using material nanoscience technology to create an artificial local high dimensionality with a Dvoretzky theorem like 96 percent volume measure concentration. Without going into the intricate nonlinear dynamics and technological detail, it is fair to say that this would lead us to pure, clean, free energy obtained directly from the topology of spacetime via an artificial singularity. Needless to say, the entire design is based completely on the theory of quantum wave dark energy proposed by the present author for the first time in 2011 in a conference held in the Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Egypt and a little later in Shanghai, Republic of China. The quintessence of the present theory is easily explained as the φ 3 intrinsic Casimir topological energy where φ = ( 5 − 1) 2 is produced from the zero set φ of the quantum particle when we extract the empty set quantum wave φ 2 from it and find φ −φ 2 =φ 3 by restructuring space via conducting but uncharged plates similar to that of the classical Casimir experiments. Our proposed preliminary design of this Casimir-spacetime artificial singularity reactor follows in a natural way from the above.
Mô tả: Natural Science Vol. 7, p 287-298
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