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Nhan đề: Production Of Thermoelectric Power From The Solid Waste Of Gulberg Lahore Pakistan
Tác giả: R., Khan M.
Zia M.
Từ khoá: Thermoelectric
Năm xuất bản: 2014
Tóm tắt: The work reported in this article was undertaken to study the viability of production of thermoelectric power by incineration of solid waste of Gulberg I, II and III, a posh locality of Lahore, Pakistan. Primary data concerning the production and disposal of solid waste were collected from Lahore Development Authority and the Environmental Protection Department Government of the Punjab. The primary data concerning the production of thermoelectric power from the solid waste such as bagasse were collected by visiting Pattoki Sugar Mills and the prices of machinery and equipment were supplied by the Mill authorities that were verified by visiting the websites of different local manufacturing companies and through telephonic contacts with them. The secondary data was collected from libraries, published materials by concerned establishments, and websites on the Internet. The data were processed to design projects that were subsequently appraised to determine its Benefit to Cost (B/C) Ratio, Net Present Value (NPV) and payback period (PBP). The results indicate that Gulberg I, II and III currently produce about 278,644 Kilograms per annum of solid waste from which 80,756,715 kWh electricity can be produced /annum and The cost analysis and the appraisal of the alternatives, led to the conclusion that the installation of the thermoelectric power plant for generating electricity to meet at least the local demand of Gulberg is feasible.
Mô tả: IJISET - International Journal of Innovative Science, Engineering & Technology Vol. 1 Issue 9, 13p.
Định danh:
ISSN: 2348 – 7968
Bộ sưu tập: Kỹ thuật

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