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Năm xuất bản Nhan đềTác giả
2021UAS-Remote Sensing Methods for Mapping, Monitoring and Modeling CropsCarrascosa, Francisco Javier Mesas; Sousa, Joaquim João
2021Ubiquitin and AutophagyTaras Y. Nazarko (editor)
2021Ubiquitination in Health and DiseasesTomoaki Ishigami (editor)
2007UCP 600 Các quy tắc và thực hành thống nhất về tín dụng chứng từ (UCP 600)Bộ Xây dựng
2006UCP 600 ICC's New rules on Documentary creadits: song ngữ Anh - ViệtỦy ban kỹ thuật và tập quán ngân hàng thuộc phòng Thương mại Quốc tế (ICC)
2016Ukrainian Migration to the European Union: Lessons from Migration StudiesOlena Fedyuk; Marta Kindler
2019Ultimate Axial Strength of Concrete-Filled Double Skin Steel Tubular Column SectionsIpek, S.; Guneyisi, E.M.
2015Uncertainty Of Wind Power Usage In Complex Terrain — A Case StudyMölders, Nicole; Khordakova, Dinah; Gende, Gende; Kramm, Gerhard
2019Uncovering Hidden Risks in Solid-State API PropertiesLoughrey, Jonathan
2021Under Construction: Performing Critical IdentityKohl, Marie-Anne
2009Understanding Computer SimulationMcHaney, Roger
2017Understanding first year university students’ passivity via their attitudes and language behaviors towards answering questions in class. Journal of Science Ho Chi Minh City Open University, 7(4), 84-93Trương Thị Như, Ngọc
2020Understanding Game-based Approaches for Improving Sustainable Water Governance: The Potential of Serious Games to Solve Water ProblemsWietske Medema; Chengzi Chew; Jan Franklin Adamowski
2016Understanding Media and Culture: An Introduction to Mass Communication-
2020Understanding pioneering orientation in tourism clusters: Market dynamism and social capitalGarcía-Villaverde, Pedro M.; Elche, Dioni; Martínez-Pérez, Ángela
2014Understanding Society and Natural Resources: Forging New Strands of Integration Across the Social SciencesMichael J. Manfredo; Jerry J. Vaske; Andreas Rechkemmer; Esther A. Duke
2020Understanding Systematic Risk: A High-Frequency ApproachPelger, Markus
2020Understanding the Determinants and Outcomes of Internal Reference Prices in Pay-What–You-Want (PWYW) Pricing in Tourism: An Analytical ApproachSharm, Pramod; Nayak, Jogendra Kumar
2020Understanding the dynamics of the quality of airline service attributes: Satisfiers and dissatisfiersPark, Sangwon; Lee, Jin-Soo; Nicolau, Juan L.
2020Understanding the importance that consumers attach to social media sharing (ISMS): Scale development and validationDedeoğlu, Bekir Bora; Taheri, Babak; Okumus, Fevzi; Gannon, Martin