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Năm xuất bản Nhan đềTác giả
2009M và A căn bản : Mua lại và sáp nhậpFrankel, Michael E. S.; Minh, Khôi; Xuyến, Chi
2015Machine Learning in Medicine - a Complete OverviewCleophas, Ton J.; Zwinderman, Aeilko H.
1991Machine vision: Automated visual inspection and robot visionVernon, David
1995MacroeconomicsAbel, Andrew B.; Bernanke, Ben S.
2007Macromolecular crystallography conventional and high-throughput methodsSanderson, Mark; Skelly, Jane
2016Magnetic Interactions in Molecules and SolidsDe Graaf, Coen; Broer, Ria
2005Magnetic resonance of myelination and myelin disordersKnaap,  Marjo S. van der; Valk, Jaap
2008Magnetic resonance tomographyReiser, M.F.; Semmler, W.; Hricak, H.
2019Majestic hotel: PortfolioTrương, Khả Tú (SVTH);; Phan, Nguyên Bảo (GVHD)
2012Make space : how to set the stage for creative collaborationDoorley, ​Scott; Witthoft, Scott; Kelley, David (foreword by)
2008Making a FireplaceSaylor, Henry H.
2019Making a StINK with STEM in the Classics Classroom: Exploring Ancient Roman Writing through Experimental ArchaeologyRoy, Nathalie
2009Making Data Talk: The Science and Practice of Translating Public Health Research and Surveillance Findings to Policy Makers, the Public, and the Press-
2009Making Sense of Data: A Self-Instruction Manual on the Interpretation of Epidemiological DataAbramson, J. H.; Abramson, Z. H.
2012Management - 11th ed.Robbins, Stephen P.; Coulter, Mary
2008Management : People, performance, changeGomez-Mejia, Luis R.; Balkin, David B.; Cardy., Robert L.
2012Management AccountingGazely, Alicia; Lambert, Michael
2012Management Accounting: Principles and ApplicationsCoombs, Hugh; Hobbs, David; Jenkins, Ellis
2009Management Information SystemsOz, Effy
2000Management information systems : organization and technology in the networked enterpriseLaudon, Kenneth C.; Laudon, Jane P.