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Năm xuất bản Nhan đềTác giả
2016Early Algebra: Research into its Nature, its Learning, its TeachingCarolyn Kieran; Jeong Suk Pang; Deborah Schifter; Swee Fong Ng
2016Early Childhood Policies and Systems in Eight Countries: Findings from IEA's Early Childhood Education StudyTony Bertram; Chris Pascal
2019Early-Age Tensile Basic Creep Behavioral Characteristics of High-Strength Concrete Containing AdmixturesNi, Tongyuan; Yang, Yang; Gu, Chunping; Liu, Jintao; Chen, Jin; Lou, Xiaotian
2015Earth’s Diminishing Magnetic Dipole Moment Is Driving Global Carbon Dioxide Levels And Global WarmingVares, David A. E.; A. Persinger, Michael
2017Eastern Philosophies and Psychology: Towards Psychology of Self-CultivationShiah, Yung Jong; Hwang, Kwang Kuo; Yit, Kin Tung
2020Eating Disorders and ObesityHay, Phillipa; Mitchison (Eds.) ", Deborah
2015Eco-friendly Alternatives For The Removal Of Heavy Metal Using Dry Biomass Of Weeds And Study The Mechanism InvolvedDixit1, Archana; Dixit1, Savita; CS, Goswami
2013Eco-industrial ParkDasgupta, Sukanya
2020Ecological compensation standards of national scenic spots in western China: A case study of Taibai MountainYang, Yi; Yao, Congxu; Xu, Delong
2020Ecological Tourism in Tram Chim National Park: Potential, Opportunity and ChallengeNguyen, Hoang Phuong
2018Econometrics and Income InequalityMartin Biewen, Emmanuel Flachaire (editors)
2015Economic and Environmental Effects of Installing Distributed Energy Resources into a HouseholdOzawa, Akito; Yoshida, Yoshikuni
2019Economic Development of Biomass Energy Industry in Heilongjiang Province Based on Analytic Hierarchy ProcessZhang, Liying; Li, Cuixia
2020Economic policy uncertainty and corporate investment: Evidence from the U.S. hospitality industryAkron, Sagi; Demir, Ender; Díez-Esteban, Jose María; García-Gomez, Conrado Diego
2016Economics of Land Degradation and Improvement : A global assessment for sustainable developmentNkonya, Ephraim; Mirzabaev, Alisher; Braun, Joachim von (editors)
2005Economics of pollution trading for SO2 and NOxBurtraw, Dallas; Evans, David A; Krupnick, Alan...
2016Economie du tourisme - Lần 1 - HKINguyễn, Thanh Trang
2018ECONOMIE DU TOURISME - Lần 1 - HKIPhạm, Thị Mỹ Lan
2018Economie du tourisme - Lần 2 - HKIPhạm, Thị Mỹ Lan
2018Economie du tourisme - Lần 2 - HKIPhạm, Thị Mỹ Lan