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Năm xuất bản Nhan đềTác giả
1998Easy guide to sewing pantsMacIntyre, Lynn
2011Eco skyscrapers. Vol.2Yeang, Ken
2014Eco-Library DesignFlannery, John A.; Smith, Karen M.
2004Ecological engineering : Principles and practiceKangas, Patrick
2010Economic Evaluation in Child HealthUngar, Wendy
2011Economics DevelopmentTodaro, Michael P.; Smith, Stephen C.
2010Economics for todayTucker, Irvin B.
2016Economics of Land Degradation and Improvement : A global assessment for sustainable developmentNkonya, Ephraim; Mirzabaev, Alisher; Braun, Joachim von (editors)
2016Economie du tourisme - Lần 1 - HKINguyễn, Thanh Trang
2018ECONOMIE DU TOURISME - Lần 1 - HKIPhạm, Thị Mỹ Lan
2016Economie du tourisme_Lần 1. HK1Nguyễn Thanh, Trang
2018Ecosystem services for well-being in deltas: Integrated Assessment for Policy AnalysisNicholls, Robert J.; Hutton, Craig W.; Adger, W. Neil
2005Ecosystems and human well-being : Health synthesisCorvalan, Carlos; Hales, Simon; McMichael, Anthony
2018Educational measurement, issues and practice_2018_Vol.37_No.1Nhiều tác giả
1997Educational psychology : theory and practice - 5th ed.Slavin, Robert E.
2010Effective Financial ManagementFinch, Brian
2011Effective human relations : Interpersonal and organizational applications - 11th ed.Reece, Barry L.; Brandt, Rhonda; Howie, Karen F.
2009Effective Sexual Health Interventions: Issues in Experimental EvaluationStephenson, Judith M.; Imrie, John; Bonell, Chris
2017Effectiveness of marketing public relation : envidences form Viet NamTrịnh Việt, Dũng; Nguyễn Hoàng, Mai
2017Effects of Corruption on Economic Growth - Empirical Study of Asia Countries. Imperial Journal of Interdisciplinary Research (IJIR) - online, , PP. 791-804Nguyễn Ngọc, Thạch; Mai Bình, Dương; Trần Thị Kim, Oanh