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Kết quả 1-10 của 92.
Kết quả tìm trong tài liệu:
Năm xuất bản Nhan đềTác giả
1874Handbook of painting: the Italian schools. Based on the Handbook of Kugler. Part IEastlake, Charles Lock
1844A Treatise on PaintingCennini, Cennino; Tambroni, Giuseppe
1835A Treatise on PaintingVinci, Leonardo Da; Rigaud, John Francis
1875Dictionary of Arts, Manufactures, and MinesHunt, Robert; Rudler, F.W.
1842A Hand-book of the History of Painting from the age of constantine the great to the present time. Part I: The Italian schools of paintingKugler, Franz; Eastlake, Charles Lock
1878The druggist's general receipt book : comprising a copious veterinary formulary, and tables of veterinary materia medica : numerous recipes in patent and proprietary medicines, druggist's nostrums, etc : perfumery and cosmetics : beverages, diectetic articles, and condiments : trade chemicals ...Beasley, Henry
1881The practical papermaker : a complete guide to the manufacture of paperDunbar, James
1855Paper and Paper Making Ancient and ModernHerring, Richard
1891The painters' encyclopædia. Containing definitions of all important words in the art of plain and artistic painting, with details of practice in coach, carriage, railway car, house, sign and ornamental painting, including graining, marbling ... and valuable hints and helps in scene painting, porcelain painting, plain painting, distemper painting, and all work in which a brush, pencil or palette is used.Gardner, Franklin B.
1886The painter, gilder, and varnisher's companion : containing rules and regulations in everything relating to the arts of painting, gilding, varnishing, glass-staining, graining, marbeling, sign-writing, gilding on glass and coach painting and varnishing ...Chevreul, Michel Eugène