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Năm xuất bản Nhan đềTác giả
2018B-Spline Impulse Response Functions of Rigid Bodies for Fluid-Structure Interaction AnalysisS, Zhou-Bowers; Rizos, D C
2019Back-Calculation of Soil Modulus from PFWD Based on a Viscoelastic ModelZhang, Rui; Ren, Tianzeng; Khan, Md Ashrafuzzaman; Teng, Yusheng; Zheng, Jianlong
2021Bacterial Interactions with Dental and Medical MaterialsMelo, Mary Anne (Ed.)
2018Bagasse Ash as an Auxiliary Additive to Lime Stabilization of an Expansive Soil: Strength and Microstructural InvestigationJijo, James; Pandian, P Kasinatha
2020Bainite and Martensite: Developments and ChallengesCarlos Garcia-Mateo
2021Balancing Control For Single-Wheel Unicycle Robot Using The Sliding Mode ControllerNguyen, L P; Nguyen, P T; Ngo, M T
2019Balo đa năng: PortfolioTrần, Minh Tuấn (SVTH);; Giang, Văn Khiết (GVHD)
2021Bank competition and the credit channel of monetary policy: Evidence from an emerging countryPham Thi Ha An; Le Dinh Hac; Le Hoang Anh
2020Bank Quality, Judicial Efficiency, and Loan Repayment Delays in ItalySchiantarelli, Fabio; Stacchini, Massimiliano; Strahan, Philip E.
2018Banks as Tax Planning IntermediariesGallemore, John; Gipper, Brandon; Maydew, Edward
2018Base Isolation of Buildings with Curved Surface Sliders: Basic Design Criteria and Critical IssuesSaitta, Fernando; Clemente, Paolo; Buffarini, Giacomo; Bongiovanni, Giovanni; Salvatori, Antonello
2018Baseball - Ivy League : PortfolioNguyễn Thị Minh, Hiếu
2020Basic Translation - GK - HK1Lê, Quang Thảo
2016Bats in the Anthropocene: Conservation of Bats in a Changing WorldChristian C. Voigt; Tigga Kingston
2013Battery Energy Storage Station Based Smoothing Control Of Wind Power Generation FluctuationsLi, Xiangjun; Member, Senior; IEEE; Hui, Dong; Lai, Xiaokang
2018Bay khắp thế gian : PortfolioMai Thị Thanh, Hằng
2021Bayesian EconometricsMauro Bernardi, Stefano Grassi, Francesco Ravazzolo (editors)
2021Bài giảng Tư duy phản biệnPhạm Thị Hà An
2020Bài giảng Anh văn chuyên ngành 1TS. Lê Quốc Tuấn
2020Bài giảng Anh văn chuyên ngành 2TS. Lê Quốc Tuấn