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Năm xuất bản Nhan đềTác giả
2020Impacts of Corruption Control on Economic Growth in Relationship with Stock Market and Trade OpennessPham, Thi Hong Van
2015Impacts of the Fukushima Nuclear Accident on Fish and Fishing GroundsKaoru Nakata; Hiroya Sugisaki
2020Implementation and Scale Up of Point of Care (POC) Diagnostics in Resource-Limited SettingsMashamba-Thompson, Tivani (editor); Drain, Paul K. (editor)
2015Implementation of Dynamic Line Rating in a Sub-Transmission System for Wind Power IntegrationTalpur, Saifal; Wallnerstrom, Carl Johan; Hilber, Patrik; Flood, Christer
2019Implementation of Genetic Algorithm Integrated with the Deep Neural Network for Estimating at Completion SimulationKamoona, Karrar Raoof Kareem; Budayan, Cenk
2019Implementation of Process-Based and Data-Driven Models for Early Prediction of Construction TimePetruseva, Silvana; Valentina, Zileska-Pancovska; Diana, Car-Pusic
2020Implementation of Social Supervision With Regard to Assets, Income of Cards, Civil Servants and Public Employees: International Experience and Proposed Solutions to VietnamNguyen, Ngoc Anh Pham; Nguyen, Hoang Phuong; Nguyen, Van Tron; Nguyen, Minh Tuan
2019Implementing Circular Economy: International Experience and Policy Implications for VietnamNguyen Hoang Nam, Nguyen Trong Hanh
2021Implementing Deeper Learning and 21st Century Education Reforms: Building an Education Renaissance After a Global PandemicReimers, Fernando M.
2019Implementing Fuzzy TOPSIS on Project Risk Variable RankingHusin, Saiful; Fachrurrazi, Fachrurrazi; Rizalihadi, Maimun; Mubarak, Mubarak
2021Implementing Responsible Research and Innovation: Organisational and National ConditionsWittrock, Christian; Forsberg, Ellen-Marie; Pols, Auke; Macnaghten, Philip; Ludwig, David
2021Implementing Social Customer Relationship Management in Turbulent Environments: A Dynamic Capabilities PerspectiveNgo, Minh Vu; Vu, Minh Hieu; Phan, Thi Phu Quyen
2019Imprinting founders’ blueprints on management control systemsAkroyd, Chris; Kober, Ralph
2019Improved Fastener-Based Modelling Method for Reinforced Cold-Formed Steel Shear WallsWang, Xingxing; Li, Youcheng; Wang, Wei; Gao, Shangxin
2020Improved Genetic Algorithm Tuning Controller Design for Autonomous HovercraftTran, Huu Khoa; Son, Hoang Hai; Phan, Van Duc; Tran, Thanh Trang; Nguyen, Hoang-Nam
2019Improved Nonprobabilistic Global Optimal Solution Method and Its Application in Bridge Reliability AssessmentBian, Xiaoya; Chen, Xuyong; Yang, Hongyin; Chen, You
2019Improved Reservoir Models and Production Forecasting Techniques for Multi-Stage Fractured Hydrocarbon WellsWeijermars, Ruud; Yu, Wei; Khanal (Eds.), Aadi
2019Improved SDOF Approach to Incorporate the Effects of Axial Loads on the Dynamic Responses of Steel Columns Subjected to Blast LoadsYang, Junbo; Liu, Yan; Huang, Fenglei
2015Improvement Of Mechanical Properties Of Polyester Composite Reinforced By Bio Filler (Acro Shell)Abass, Raghad U; Abass, Falak U.; Abas, Mohamed O
2021Improving a Country’s Education: PISA 2018 Results in 10 CountriesCrato, Nuno