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Nhan đề: Attention Equals Life: The Pursuit of the Everyday in Contemporary Poetry and Culture
Tác giả: Epstein, Andrew
Từ khoá: Literature
American poetry
20th century Literature
Năm xuất bản: 2016
Nhà xuất bản: Oxford University Press
Tóm tắt: Attention Equals Life examines why a quest to pay attention to daily life has increasingly become a central feature of both contemporary American poetry and the wider culture of which it is a part. Drawing on theories and debates about the nature of everyday life from fields in the humanities, this book traces the modern history of this preoccupation and considers why it is so much with us today. Attention Equals Life argues that it is no coincidence a potent hunger for everyday life exploded in the post-1945 period. This cultural need could be seen as a reaction to rapid and dislocating cultural, political, and social transformations that have resulted in a culture of perilous distraction, interruption, and fragmented attention. The book argues that poetry has mounted a response, and even resistance, to a culture that is gradually losing its capacity to pay attention. It examines why a compulsion to represent the everyday became predominant in decades after modernism, why it has often led to unusual projects and formal innovations, and why poetry in particular might be an everyday-life genre par excellence. The book considers the forms this preoccupation takes and examines their aesthetic, philosophical, and political ramifications. By exploring these innovative strategies, unusual projects, and new technologies as methods of attending to dailiness, Attention Equals Life uncovers an important factor at the heart of twentieth- and twenty-first–century literature.
Mô tả: 2.91 Mb
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ISBN: 9780190608965 (e)
Bộ sưu tập: Văn học_Oxford Scholarship_Sách

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SA2792_Attention Equals Life-miscMatter-1.pdfTitle Pages132.76 kBAdobe PDFXem/Tải về
SA2792_Attention Equals Life-miscMatter-4.pdfDedication109.16 kBAdobe PDFXem/Tải về
SA2792_Attention Equals Life-miscMatter-6.pdfAcknowledgments149.25 kBAdobe PDFXem/Tải về
SA2792_Attention Equals Life-chapter-1.pdfIntroduction368.25 kBAdobe PDFXem/Tải về
SA2792_Attention Equals Life-chapter-2.pdfThe Crisis of Attention, Everyday-Life Theory, and Contemporary Poetry306.51 kBAdobe PDFXem/Tải về
SA2792_Attention Equals Life-chapter-3.pdf“Each Day So Different, Yet Still Alike”338.56 kBAdobe PDFXem/Tải về
SA2792_Attention Equals Life-chapter-4.pdf“The Tiny Invites Attention”357.11 kBAdobe PDFXem/Tải về
SA2792_Attention Equals Life-chapter-5.pdfWriting the Maternal Everyday348.79 kBAdobe PDFXem/Tải về
SA2792_Attention Equals Life-chapter-6.pdf“There Is No Content Here, Only Dailiness”315.91 kBAdobe PDFXem/Tải về
SA2792_Attention Equals Life-chapter-7.pdfEveryday-Life Projects in Contemporary Poetry and Culture364.93 kBAdobe PDFXem/Tải về
SA2792_Attention Equals Life-chapter-8.pdfConclusion189.77 kBAdobe PDFXem/Tải về

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