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Nhan đề: The Epistemology of Resistance: Gender and Racial Oppression, Epistemic Injustice, and the Social Imagination
Tác giả: Medina, José
Từ khoá: Resistance (Philosophy)
Knowledge, Sociology of.
Social epistemology.
Năm xuất bản: 2013
Nhà xuất bản: Oxford University Press
Tóm tắt: This book explores the epistemic side of oppression, focusing on racial and sexual oppression and their interconnections. It elucidates how social insensitivities and imposed silences prevent members of different groups from interacting epistemically in fruitful ways—from listening to each other, learning from each other, and mutually enriching each other’s perspectives. Medina’s epistemology of resistance offers a contextualist theory of our complicity with epistemic injustices and a social connection model of shared responsibility for improving epistemic conditions of participation in social practices. Through the articulation of a new interactionism and polyphonic contextualism, the book develops a sustained argument about the role of the imagination in mediating social perceptions and interactions. It concludes that only through the cultivation of practices of resistance can we develop a social imagination that can help us become sensitive to the suffering of excluded and stigmatized subjects. Drawing on Feminist Standpoint Theory and Critical Race Theory, this book makes contributions to social epistemology and to recent discussions of testimonial and hermeneutical injustice, epistemic responsibility, counter-performativity, and solidarity in the fight against racism and sexism.
Định danh:
ISBN: 9780199301522 (e)
Bộ sưu tập: Triết học_Oxford Scholarship_Sách

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SA2468_acprof-9780199929023-miscMatter-1.pdfTitle Pages170.05 kBAdobe PDFXem/Tải về
SA2468_acprof-9780199929023-miscMatter-5.pdfDedication120.86 kBAdobe PDFXem/Tải về
SA2468_acprof-9780199929023-miscMatter-7.pdfAcknowledgments146.61 kBAdobe PDFXem/Tải về
SA2468_acprof-9780199929023-miscMatter-8.pdfForeword146.97 kBAdobe PDFXem/Tải về
SA2468_acprof-9780199929023-miscMatter-10.pdfCoda149.07 kBAdobe PDFXem/Tải về
SA2468_acprof-9780199929023-chapter-0.pdfIntroduction248.6 kBAdobe PDFXem/Tải về
SA2468_acprof-9780199929023-chapter-1.pdfActive Ignorance, Epistemic Others, and Epistemic Friction282.13 kBAdobe PDFXem/Tải về
SA2468_acprof-9780199929023-chapter-2.pdfResistance as Epistemic Vice and as Epistemic Virtue302.62 kBAdobe PDFXem/Tải về
SA2468_acprof-9780199929023-chapter-3.pdfImposed Silences and Shared Hermeneutical Responsibilities275.77 kBAdobe PDFXem/Tải về
SA2468_acprof-9780199929023-chapter-4.pdfEpistemic Responsibility and Culpable Ignorance470.67 kBAdobe PDFXem/Tải về
SA2468_acprof-9780199929023-chapter-5.pdfMeta-Lucidity, “Epistemic Heroes,” and the Everyday Struggle Toward Epistemic Justice465.16 kBAdobe PDFXem/Tải về
SA2468_acprof-9780199929023-chapter-6.pdfResistant Imaginations and Radical Solidarity434.91 kBAdobe PDFXem/Tải về
SA2468_acprof-9780199929023-indexList-1.pdfIndex195.53 kBAdobe PDFXem/Tải về
SA2468_acprof-9780199929023-bibliography-1.pdfReferences208.79 kBAdobe PDFXem/Tải về

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