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Nhan đề: The Epistemic Life of Groups: Essays in the Epistemology of Collectives
Tác giả: Brady, Michael S.
Fricker, Miranda
Từ khoá: Social epistemology.
Knowledge, Sociology of.
Năm xuất bản: 2016
Nhà xuất bản: Oxford University Press
Tóm tắt: Groups engage in epistemic activity all the time. In the philosophy of mind and action there is a matured literature advancing competing theories of what groups are and how they do what they do. More recently, social epistemology has also flourished, expanding and making connections with other areas of philosophy. With these two philosophical lenses now beginning to align themselves, the new vista before us is that of collective epistemology—a natural next step for social epistemology. The essays in this book are essays in collective epistemology, and explore different epistemic aspects of the behaviour of different sorts of group—institutional bodies, the moral community, informal groups, religious communities, the state, or simply the population at large. Each essay has a particular focus that brings it under one of the following broad section headings: Epistemology, Ethics, Political Philosophy, Philosophy of Science. Together the essays indicate the richness and complexity of the philosophical issues generated by thinking about the epistemic life of groups.
Định danh:
ISBN: 9780191820380 (e)
Bộ sưu tập: Triết học_Oxford Scholarship_Sách

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SA2465_acprof-9780198759645-miscMatter-1.pdfTitle Pages153.13 kBAdobe PDFXem/Tải về
SA2465_acprof-9780198759645-miscMatter-6.pdfList of Contributors119.25 kBAdobe PDFXem/Tải về
SA2465_acprof-9780198759645-chapter-1.pdfIntroduction188.33 kBAdobe PDFXem/Tải về
SA2465_acprof-9780198759645-chapter-2.pdfMutuality and Assertion242.74 kBAdobe PDFXem/Tải về
SA2465_acprof-9780198759645-chapter-3.pdfFault and No-Fault Responsibility for Implicit Prejudice227.67 kBAdobe PDFXem/Tải về
SA2465_acprof-9780198759645-chapter-4.pdfOn Knowing What We’re Doing Together254.07 kBAdobe PDFXem/Tải về
SA2465_acprof-9780198759645-chapter-5.pdfThe Social Epistemology of Morality242.33 kBAdobe PDFXem/Tải về
SA2465_acprof-9780198759645-chapter-6.pdfGroup Emotion and Group Understanding233.45 kBAdobe PDFXem/Tải về
SA2465_acprof-9780198759645-chapter-7.pdfChanging Our Mind244.52 kBAdobe PDFXem/Tải về
SA2465_acprof-9780198759645-chapter-8.pdfThe Epistemic Circumstances of Democracy209.98 kBAdobe PDFXem/Tải về
SA2465_acprof-9780198759645-chapter-9.pdfThe Transfer of Duties250.03 kBAdobe PDFXem/Tải về
SA2465_acprof-9780198759645-chapter-10.pdfFour Types of Moral Wriggle Room222.33 kBAdobe PDFXem/Tải về
SA2465_acprof-9780198759645-chapter-11.pdfCollective Belief, Kuhn, and the String Theory Community272.46 kBAdobe PDFXem/Tải về
SA2465_acprof-9780198759645-chapter-12.pdfCollaborative Research, Scientific Communities, and the Social Diffusion of Trustworthiness222.7 kBAdobe PDFXem/Tải về
SA2465_acprof-9780198759645-indexList-1.pdfIndex181.86 kBAdobe PDFXem/Tải về
SA2465_acprof-9780198759645-bibliography-1.pdfBibliography246.08 kBAdobe PDFXem/Tải về

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