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Nhan đề: Understanding Tourism: A Critical Introduction
Tác giả: Hannam, Kevin
Knox, Dan
Từ khoá: "Hospitality "
"BUSINESS & ECONOMICS -- Industries -- Hospitality, Travel & Tourism. "
Tourism Studies
Năm xuất bản: 2013
Nhà xuất bản: SAGE Publications Ltd
Tóm tắt: " Understanding Tourism introduces tourism students to concepts drawn from critical theory, cultural studies and the social sciences. It does so with a light and readable touch, highlighting the ideas that underlie contemporary critical tourism studies in a practical and engaging way. Specifically, the authors examine how post-structuralist thought has led to a re-imagining of power relationships and the ways in which they are central to the production and consumption of tourism experiences. Eleven clear, relevant chapters provide an accessible introduction to tourism defining, explaining and developing the key issues and methods in this exciting field. These topics include: Regulating Tourism; Commodifying Tourism; Embodying Tourism; Performing Tourism; Tourism and the Everyday; Tourism and the Other; Tourism and the Environment; Tourism and the Past; Tourism Mobilities; Researching Tourism A strong teaching text, this will be well received by lecturers seeking an authoritative, multi-disciplinary book on contemporary tourism and by students who want a practical, grounded introduction which understands their learning and research needs."
Định danh:
ISBN: 9781446288528 (e)
Bộ sưu tập: TLCK_Ebook_Du lịch

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Tập tin Mô tả Kích thước Định dạng  
SA2409-understanding-tourism_n1.pdfUnderstanding Tourism: An Introduction261 kBAdobe PDFXem/Tải về
SA2409-understanding-tourism_n2.pdfRegulating Tourism243.32 kBAdobe PDFXem/Tải về
SA2409-understanding-tourism_n3.pdfCommodifying Tourism359.45 kBAdobe PDFXem/Tải về
SA2409-understanding-tourism_n4.pdfEmbodying Tourism251.32 kBAdobe PDFXem/Tải về
SA2409-understanding-tourism_n5.pdfPerforming Tourism240.8 kBAdobe PDFXem/Tải về
SA2409-understanding-tourism_n6.pdfTourism and the Everyday229.59 kBAdobe PDFXem/Tải về
SA2409-understanding-tourism_n7.pdfTourism and the Other277.29 kBAdobe PDFXem/Tải về
SA2409-understanding-tourism_n8.pdfTourism and the Environment243.56 kBAdobe PDFXem/Tải về
SA2409-understanding-tourism_n9.pdfTourism and the Past249.32 kBAdobe PDFXem/Tải về
SA2409-understanding-tourism_n10.pdfTourism Mobilities226.23 kBAdobe PDFXem/Tải về
SA2409-understanding-tourism_n11.pdfResearching Tourism197.24 kBAdobe PDFXem/Tải về

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