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Nhan đề: An Accidence, or Gamut, of Painting in Oil
Tác giả: Ibbetson, Julius Caesar
Từ khoá: Painting -- Technique.
Paint mixing.
Năm xuất bản: 1828
Nhà xuất bản: Harvey And Darton,
Tóm tắt: The cloths used at present for painting upon, are prepared in the worst and most dangerous manner imaginable. The colourmen, to whom every thing is left, begin by brushing the cloth over with strong glue, to lay the flue, and prevent its absorbing any oil, as I suppose: then, with stiff paint, the greatest part of which is whiting, they plaster over the glue twice, seldom three times; it is then done, when the exciseman has stamped it. In a very short space of time, if kept in rolls, it gets so brittle, that it would be as easy to unfold a manuscript of Herculaneum as this, without breaking or cracking in ten thousand places. If the picture be hung in a damp place, it comes off altogether, in great flakes; and in time, with the greatest care, it becomes covered with circular cracks, like net-work, for which there is no remedy. It ought to be prepared with very thin starch, and rubbed while wet with a rubber-stone, to lay the flue smooth, and painted with proper thin color several times: when the paint unites with the canvass, it is flexible, will never crack, and will endure for ages. In Holland, and even Dublin, their cloths are far superior, and very pliable.
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