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Nhan đề: De Arte Graphica = The Art of Painting
Tác giả: Fresnoy, Charles A. Du
Từ khoá: Painting
Năm xuất bản: 1695
Nhà xuất bản: J. Heptinstall for W. Rogers
Tóm tắt: Grecians are wanting to us; nothing of their Painting and Coloring now remains to assist our modern Artists, either in the Invention, or the manner of those Ancients. Neither is there any Man who is able to restore the Chromatic part, or Coloring, or to Painting, renew it to that point of Excellency to which it had been carried by Zeuxis: ...which is so charming, so magical, and which so admirably deceives the Sight, made himself equal to the great Apelles, that Prince' of Painters; ... And as this part, which we may call the utmost Perfection of Painting, is a deceiving Beauty, .....therefore it will be profitable to us, to have a more clear Understanding of what we call Coloring
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