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Các biểu ghi của bộ sưu tập (Sắp xếp bởi Ngày gửi theo thứ tự Giảm dần): 1 tới 20 của 85
Năm xuất bản Nhan đềTác giả
2018Mathematical Logic: On Numbers, Sets, Structures, and Symmetry - 1st ed.Kossak, Roman
2018Linear Algebra and Analytic Geometry for Physical Sciences - 1st ed.Landi, Giovanni; Zampini, Alessandro
2014Introduction to Partial Differential Equations - 1st ed.Olver, Peter J.
2002Algebra - 3rd ed.Lang, Serge
2018Proofs from The books - 6th ed.Aigner, Martin; Ziegler, Günter M.
2018Modern Bayesian Statistics in Clinical ResearchCleophas, Ton J.; Zwinderman, Aeilko H.
2011Statistical analysis of clinical data on a pocket calculator: Statistics on a pocket calculatorCleophas, Ton J.; Zwinderman, Aeilko H.
2011Reading, writing, and proving: A closer look at mathematics (2nd ed.)Daepp, Ulrich; Gorkin, Pamela
2012Ordinary differential equationsAdkins, William A.; Davidson, Mark G.
2013Introduction to smooth manifolds (2nd ed.)Lee, John M.
2008Time series analysis: With applications in R - 2nd ed.Cryer, Jonathan D.; Chan, Kung-Sik
2004Representation Theory: A First Course (With 144 Illustrations)Fulton, William; Harris, Joe
2006Numerical Optimization - 2nd ed.Nocedal, Jorge; Wright, Stephen J.
2005New introduction to multiple time series analysisLutkepohl, Helmut
2006Intuitive Probability and Random Processes Using MATLAB®Kay, Steven M.
2008Introductory Statistics with R - 2nd ed.Dalgaard, Peter
2014Probability theory: A comprehensive course - 2nd ed.Klenke, Achim
2014Multivariate calculus and geometryDineen, Seán
2014Linear programming: Foundations and ExtensionsVanderbei., Robert J.
2014Data analysis: Statistical and computational methods for scientists and engineers - 4th ed.Brandt, Siegmund
Các biểu ghi của bộ sưu tập (Sắp xếp bởi Ngày gửi theo thứ tự Giảm dần): 1 tới 20 của 85