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Các biểu ghi của bộ sưu tập (Sắp xếp bởi Ngày gửi theo thứ tự Giảm dần): 1 tới 20 của 21
Năm xuất bản Nhan đềTác giả
2018The HUGE presence of Lindley Murray: An illustration of the scope of Lindley Murray's authority on all things prescriptiveFens–De Zeeuw, Lyda
2018Writing Horrible Words: The rationale for producing yet another book on English usageGowers, Rebecca
2018Modern English usage from Britain to AmericaStraaijer, Robin
2018Attitudes to usage vs. actual language use: The case ofliterally in American English: American English speakers know how and why they use literallyKostadinova, Viktorija
2018Great Britain and the United States: Two nations divided by an attitude?: Reviewing the scientific study of attitudes towards usage problems in Great Britain and United States of AmericaEbner, Carmen
2018Analysing the huge mailbag: Reception of John Honey's The Language Trap: A controversial publication inspiring linguistic comments by members of the general publicTieken-Boon van Ostade, Ingrid
2018Grassroots prescriptivism: An analysis of individual speakers’ efforts at maintaining the standard language ideologyLukac, Morana
2018PrescriptivismTieken-Boon van Ostade, Ingrid
2018A cosmopolitan perspective on learning and teaching EnglishLiu, Xinfang
2018Exploring linguistic variation and grammatical complexity in academic writingSun, Yunmei; Li, Fei
2018Two rules are at play when it comes to none: A corpus-based analysis of singular versus plural none: Most grammar books say that the number of the indefinite pronoun none depends on formality level; corpus findings show otherwiseKim, Sugene
2018A Critical Investigation of English Language Teaching in Bangladesh: Unfulfilled expectations after two decades of Communicative Language TeachingRahman, Mohammad Mosiur; Pandian, Ambigapathy
2018English spelling: Adding /ʃǝn/ (or /ʒǝn/) to base-words and changing from -tion to -sion: Alleviating the yoke of memorization for English spellersAchiri–Taboh, Blasius
2018Learned Through Labour: The Discursive Production of English Speakers in South Korea: A case study of Koreans with high spoken proficiency and low test scoresCurran, Nathaniel
2018The signs of an English street: This article is the first in an occasional series which takes a look at how English is used in the everyday world of the urban landscape.Cook, Vivian
2018Corporal Punishment in Late Modern English Dialects (an analysis based on EDD Online): How beating has been reflected in ‘the language of the people’Markus, Manfred
2018The Purrification of English: Meowlogisms in Online CommunitiesPodhovnik, Edith
2010Một số vấn đề về đào tạo và phát triển nguồn nhân lực = a number of issues on the training and development of human resourcesVõ, Xuân Tiến
2014Six Phases in Teaching Interpretation as a Subject at Universities and Colleges in IndonesiaMorin, Izak
2008Trách nhiệm xã hội của doanh nghiệp: Một số vấn đề lý luận và yêu cầu đổi mới trong quản lý nhà nước ở Việt NamNguyễn, Đình Cung; Lưu, Đức Minh
Các biểu ghi của bộ sưu tập (Sắp xếp bởi Ngày gửi theo thứ tự Giảm dần): 1 tới 20 của 21