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Năm xuất bản Nhan đềTác giả
2015Removal Of Basic Blue 9 Dye by Hydrogen Peroxide Activated By Electrogenerated Fe2+/Fe3+ And Simultaneous Production Of HydrogenBustos-Terrones, Yaneth; Rojas-Valencia, María Neftalí; Álvarez-Gallegos, Alberto, ... [et al.]
2015A Review On Constructed Wetlands Components And Heavy Metal Removal From WastewaterQasaimeh, Ahmad; AlSharie, Hesham; Masoud, Talal
2015Changes Of Essential Mineral Elements Contents In Response To Cu2+ Treatment In Sagittaria sagittifoliaXu, Xiaoying; Xu, Yikun; Chi, Yuan, ... [et al.]
2015Increased Effluent Dosage Effects On On-Site Wastewater Treatment Systems Of Differing Architecture TypeQasaimeh, Ahmad; AlSharie, Hesham; Masoud, Talal
2015Optimal Management Of Brine From Seawater Desalination Plants In Gaza Strip: Deir AL Balah STLV Plant As Case StudyMogheir, Yunes; Bohissi, Nasser Al
2015Industrial Wastewater Treatment By Using MBR (Membrane Bioreactor) Review StudyFazal, Saima; Zhang, Beiping; Zhong, Zhenxing, ... [et al.]
2015Arsenic Removal From Zimapan Contaminated Water Monitored By The Tyndall EffectVera-Aguilar, Eunice; López-Sandoval, Eduardo; Godina-Nava, Juan José, ... [et al.]
2015Membrane Separation Technology On Pharmaceutical Wastewater By Using MBR (Membrane Bioreactor)Fazal, Saima; Zhang, Beiping; Zhong, Zhengxing, ... [et al.]
2015Multivariate Analysis Of Extreme Physical, Biological And Chemical Patterns In The Dynamics Of Aquatic EcosystemOliveira, Marilia Mitidieri Fernandes de; Pereira, Gilberto Carvalho; Ebecken, Nelson Francisco Favilla, ... [et al.]
2015Chemical Composition Of Industrial Effluents And Their Effect On The Survival Of Fish And Eutrophication Of Lake Hawassa, Southern EthiopiaBerehanu, Behailu; Lemma, Bekele; Tekle-Giorgis, Yosef
2015Carbon Dioxide Emissions And Energy Self-Sufficiency Of Woody Biomass Utilization For Residential Heating: A Case Study Of Nishiwaga, JapanSawauchi, Daisuke; Kunii, Daisuke; Yamamoto, Yasutaka
2015Indoor Air Quality Real-Time Monitoring Results Of Pathology DepartmentShi, Like; Wang, Yue; Xu, Liang, ... [et al.]
2015Assessment Of Cement Dust Deposit In A Cement Factory In Cotonou (Benin)Soussia, Theodore; Guedenon, Patient; Lawani, Rafiou, ... [et al.]
2015The Neighborhood Scale Variability Of Airborne ParticulatesHarrison, William A.; Lary, David; Nathan, Brian; Moore, Alec G.
2015Particulate Matters Pollution Characteristic And The Correlation Between PM (PM2.5, PM10) And Meteorological Factors During The Summer In ShijiazhuangLi, Han; Guo, Bin; Han, Mengfei, ... [et al.]
2015Exposure To Emissions From Kerosene Cooking Stoves And The Pulmonary Health Status Of Women In Olorunda Community, Ibadan, NigeriaAdeniji, B. A.; Ana, G. R. E. E.; Adedokun, B. O.; Ige, O. I.
2015Elemental Composition Of PM2.5 In Araraquara City (Southeast Brazil) During Seasons With And Without Sugar Cane BurningSilva, Flavio Soares; Godoi, Ricardo Henrique Moreton; Tauler, Romà, ... [et al.]
2015Elemental Compositions And Chemical Mass Closure Of Fine Particulate In An Animal Feeding Operation Facility And Its VicinityLi, Qian-Feng; Wang-Li, Lingjuan; Jayanty, R. K. M.; Shah, Sanjay
2015Estimation Of Future Generated Amount Of E-Waste In The United StatesChang, Shoou-Yuh; Assumaning, Godwin Appiah; Abdelwahab, Yassir
2015Assessing Farmers’ Perception Of Soil Erosion Risk In Northern JordanFarhan, Yahya; Zregat, Dalal; Anbar, Ali
Các biểu ghi của bộ sưu tập (Sắp xếp bởi Ngày gửi theo thứ tự Giảm dần): 1 tới 20 của 26