Journal of Geoscience and Environment Protection : [27] Trang chủ Bộ sưu tập Xem thống kê

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Năm xuất bản Nhan đềTác giả
2015Constructed Wetland Systems As A Methodology For The Treatment Of Wastewater In Bucaramanga Industrial ParkEzeah, Chukwunonye; Reyes, Carlos Alberto Ríos; Gutiérrez, Jairo Fernando Contreras
2015Investigation of Chitosan-PVA Composite Films and Their Adsorption PropertiesCasey, Lewis S.; Wilson, Lee D.
2015Washing And Dyeing Wastewater Treatment By Combined Nano Flocculation And Photocatalysis ProcessesDong, Yamei; Wang, Ting; Wan, Xiaojia; He, Dannong
2015Surfactant Adsorbed At The Oil - Water Interface And Its EliminationYang, Linfeng; Estrada, Leonidas Perez
2015Neem (Azadirachta indica) Leaves For Removal Of Organic PollutantsIbrahim, Muhammad B.; Sani, Sadiq
2015The Spatial and Temporal Variation Characteristics Of CH4 And CO2 Emission Flux Under Different Land Use Types In The Yellow River Delta WetlandChen, Qingfeng; Ma, Junjian; Zhao, Changsheng; Li, Rongbin
2015Removal Of Fluoride From Groundwater By Carbonised Punica Granatum Carbon (“CPGC”) Bio-AdsorbentKanaujia, Sudhanshu; Singh, Bharat; Singh, Sanjay Kumar
2015Management Of Urban Wastewater In The City Of Maradi (Niger): The Case Of Domestic WastewaterHassidou, Saidou; Moustapha, Laminou Ary Mahaman
2015Strategy & Techniques For Restoration Of Healthy Aquaecosystem From Toxic Super Eutrophic Water BodyPu, Peimin; Pu, Jiangping
2015Demonstration Of The Nearly Zero Energy Building ConceptZavrl, Marjana Šijanec; Stegnar, Gašper; Gjerkeš, Henrik
2015The Baikal Basin As A Transboundary Ecological And Economic SystemDarbalaeva, Darima A.; Mikheeva, Anna S.
2015Mesocosm Assessment of Stability Habitat for HalophyteRyu, Sunghoon; Lee, Incheol
2015Restoration Of Damaged Ecosystem Services On Wetlands In Northern Part Of The Volga-Akhtuba Floodplain (Russia)Lukonina, A. V.; Klinkova, G. Y.; Lopantzeva, N. B.
2015Estimates And Spatial Distribution Of Emissions From Sugar Cane Bagasse Fired Thermal Power Plants In BrazilKawashima, Ana Beatriz; Morais, Marcos Vinícius Bueno de; Martins, Leila Droprinchinski, ... [et al.]
2015Carbon Dioxide Storage And Sequestration In Unconventional Shale ReservoirsBoosari, S. Sina Hosseini; Aybar, Umut; Eshkalak, Mohammad O.
2015Assessing The Impact Of Using Different Land Cover Classification In Regional Modeling Studies For The Manaus Area, BrazilRafee, Sameh Adib Abou; Kawashima, Ana Beatriz; Morais, Marcos Vinícius Bueno de, ... [et al.]
2015An Experimental Study On Measurement Methods Of Bulk Density And Porosity Of Rock SamplesLin, Weiren; Tadai, Osamu; Takahashi, Manabu, ... [et al.]
2015Geochemistry And Tectonic Significance Of Chlorite Amphibolite In Nanfen BIF, Benxi Area, Northeastern ChinaWang, Ende; Han, Changik; Xia, Jianming; Yun, Sunggi
2015Utilization Of Coal Ash As A Barrier Material For Radioactive Waste DisposalSasaoka, Takashi; Sugeng, Wahyudi; Shimada, Hideki
2015Assessing The Impact Of Different Land Use Activities On The Vegetation Cover And Sustainable Livelihoods Along The Banks Of Niles At Khartoum State, SudanOmer, Galal E.; Elhassan, Babiker A.; Mohammed, Fatima A.
Các biểu ghi của bộ sưu tập (Sắp xếp bởi Ngày gửi theo thứ tự Giảm dần): 1 tới 20 của 27