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Năm xuất bản Nhan đềTác giả
2020Walkable Neighborhoods: The Link between Public Health, Urban Design, and TransportationOka, Koichiro; Koohsari, Mohammad Javad
2018Warehouse management system : Capstone projectNguyễn Thế, Quang; Nguyễn Hoàng Hoài, Anh; Hà Ngọc, Hưng; Phạm Phú, Chương; Phan Đức, Thịnh; Hà Thị Hoàng, Yến
2017Warlike and Peaceful Societies: The Interaction of Genes and CultureFog, Agner
2015Washing And Dyeing Wastewater Treatment By Combined Nano Flocculation And Photocatalysis ProcessesDong, Yamei; Wang, Ting; Wan, Xiaojia; He, Dannong
2013Wastewater Treatment In Kathmandu: Management, Treatment And Alternative : Bacherlor's thesis Enviromental EngineeringShakil; Regmi
2020Water and Oil Repellent SurfacesKarapanagiotis, Ioannis (Ed.)
2015Water And Wastewater Quantification In A Cotton Textile IndustrySharma, Dr. D.K
2020Water Intake, Body Water Regulation and HealthWilliam M. Adam; Evan C. Johnson
2010Water pollution by intensive brackish shrimp farming in south-east Vietnam: Causes and options for controlPhạm, Thị Anh; Kroeze, Carolien; Bush, Simon R.; Mol, Arthur P.J.
2010Water pollution by Pangasius production in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam: causes and options for controlPhạm, Thị Anh; Kroeze, Carolien; Bush, Simon R; Mol, Arthur P J
2015Water Resources Conflict Management of Nyabarongo River and Kagera River Watershed in AfricaHabiyakare, Telesphore; Zhou, Nianqing
2014Water Soluble Ionic Species in the Atmospheric Fine Particulate Matters (PM2.5) in a Southeast Asian Mega City (Dhaka, Bangladesh)Salam, Abdus; Assaduzzaman, Md.; Hossain, Muhammad Nobi; Siddiki, A. K. M. Nur Alam
2019Water Transport in Unsaturated Cracked Concrete under PressureZhang, Yuanzhu; Zhang, Siming; Wei, Gang; Wei, Xinjiang; Jin, Liqiao; Xu, Kuixin
1996Water Treatment Membrane ProcessesMallevialle, Joël; rgentinas, Auguas A; Eaux, Lyonnaise des; Odendaal, Peter E.
2017Wearable Electronics and Embedded Computing Systems for Biomedical ApplicationsEnzo Pasquale Scilingo, Gaetano Valenza (editors)
2012Web Application SecurityMorel, Benoit
2019Wellness tourism and spatial stigma: A case study of Bama, ChinaWang, Ke; Xu, Honggang; Huang, Liyuan
2003West Indian intellectuals in BritainSchwarz, Bill
2020Western guest experiences of a Pyongyang international hotel, North Korea: Satisfaction under conditions of constrained choiceLi, Fangxuan (Sam); Ryan, Chris
2005Wetland resources: Status, Trends, Ecosystem Services, and RestorabilityZedler, Joy B; Kercher, Suzanne