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Năm xuất bản Nhan đềTác giả
2009War and Public Health - 2nd ed.Levy, Barry S.; Sidel, Victor W.
2018Warehouse management system : Capstone projectNguyễn Thế, Quang; Nguyễn Hoàng Hoài, Anh; Hà Ngọc, Hưng; Phạm Phú, Chương; Phan Đức, Thịnh; Hà Thị Hoàng, Yến
2015Washing And Dyeing Wastewater Treatment By Combined Nano Flocculation And Photocatalysis ProcessesDong, Yamei; Wang, Ting; Wan, Xiaojia; He, Dannong
2014Waste management in the chemical and petroleum industriesBahadori, Alireza
2014Wastewater engineering : Treatment and resource recovery. Vol 1 - 5th ed.Metcalf & Eddy; AECOM
2014Wastewater engineering : Treatment and resource recovery. Vol 2 - 5th ed.Metcalf & Eddy; AECOM
2003Wastewater engineering : Treatment and reuse - 4th ed.Metcalf &​ Eddy, Inc
2005Wastewater microbiology - 3rd ed.Bitton, Gabriel
2014Wastewater Stabilization Ponds - 1 st ed.Spellman, Frank R.; Drinan, Joanne E.
2013Wastewater Treatment In Kathmandu: Management, Treatment And Alternative : Bacherlor's thesis Enviromental Engineering:Regmi, Shakil
2015Water And Wastewater Quantification In A Cotton Textile IndustrySharma, D.K.
1898Water color painting : a book of elementary instruction for beginners and amateursAllen, Grace Barton
2013Water quality engineering: physical/chemical treatment processesBenjamin, Mark M.; Lawler, Desmond F.
2015Water Resources Conflict Management of Nyabarongo River and Kagera River Watershed in AfricaHabiyakare, Telesphore; Zhou, Nianqing
2015Water Soluble Ionic Species in the Atmospheric Fine Particulate Matters (PM2.5) in a Southeast Asian Mega City (Dhaka, Bangladesh)Salam, Abdus; Assaduzzaman, Md.; Hossain, Muhammad Nobi; Siddiki, A. K. M. Nur Alam
1911Water-ColorLytton, Neville
2018Wearable computing : from modeling to implementation of wearable systems based on body sensor networksFortino, Giancarlo; Gravina, Raffaele; Galzarano, Stefano
2012Web Application SecurityMorel, Benoit
2007Web technologies : A computer science perspectiveJackson, Jeffrey C.
2003Weed Ecology in Natural and Agricultural SystemsBooth, Barbara D.; Murphy, Stephen D.; Swanton, Clarence J.