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Năm xuất bản Nhan đềTác giả
2009Obesity EpidemiologyHu, Frank
2011Obesity Epidemiology: From Aetiology to Public HealthCrawford, David; Jeffery, Robert W.; Ball, Kylie; Brug, Johannes
2009Object Oriented Programming and C++Dannenberg, Roger B.
2011Object Oriented Programming using C#Kendal, Simon
2019Object Oriented Programming-C - L1 - HK1Trần, Công Thanh
2015Object-Oriented Analysis, Design and Implementation: An Integrated Approach - 2nd ed.Dathan, Brahma; Ramnath, Sarnath
2002Object-Oriented Software Development with UMLLiu, Zhiming
2005Objective KET: Student's bookCapel, Annette; Sharp, Wendy
2005Objective KET: Teacher's bookCapel, Annette; Sharp, Wendy
2007Observing animal behaviour design and analysis of quantitative dataDawkins, Marian Stamp
1975OcclusionThomson, Hamish; Fish, Wilfred
2017Occupational and Environmental HealthLevy, Barry S.; Wegman, David H.; Baron, Sherry L.; Sokas, Rosemary K.
2019Occurrence and risk characterization of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons of edible oils by the Margin of Exposure (MOE) approachLee, Joon‑Goo; Suh, Jung‑Hyuck; Yoon, Hae‑Jung
2018October 2018, Issue 1 Supplement, Pages 1-229-
2002OECD guidelines for multinational enterprises : focus on responsible supply chain management : annual report 2002Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
2018Of cigarettes, high heels, and other interesting things: An introduction to semiotics - 3rd ed.Danesi, Marcel
2018Off-grid electrical systems in developing countries - 1st ed.Louie, Henry
2018Office 365 for Healthcare Professionals : Improving Patient Care Through Collaboration, Compliance, and Productivity - 1st edDhru, Nidhish
2011Office building: Fall 2008Crosby, Brendan; Ely, Brian; Hickey, Jason
1885Oil painting handbook for the use of students and schoolsFowler, Frank