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Năm xuất bản Nhan đềTác giả
2019Gai-Ge Wang and Amir H. Alavi (Eds.)Gai-Ge Wang, and Amir H. Alavi (Eds.); H. Alavi (Eds.), Amir
2020Gamification and Advanced Technology to Enhance Motivation in EducationMolina-Carmona (Eds.), Rafael; Llorens-Largo, Faraón
2020Gaming and the Arts of StorytellingJayemanne (Ed.), Darshana
2021Gas Transport in Glassy PolymersAngelis, Maria Grazia De (Ed.)
2021Gas, Water and Solid Waste Treatment TechnologyZhang, Zhien; Núñez-Delgado, Avelino; Zhang (editors), Wenxiang
2019Gaussian Process-Based Response Surface Method for Slope Reliability AnalysisHu, Bin; Su, Guo-shao; Jiang, Jianqing; Xiao, Yilong
2019Gene flow from herbicide resistant transgenic soybean to conventional soybean and wild soybeanKim, Hye Jin; Kim, Do Young; Moon, Ye Seul
2016General Chemistry Principles, Patterns, and ApplicationsSaylor.org
2014Generation Cost Calculation For 660 MW Thermal Power PlantsMotghare, Vilas S.; Cham, R. K.
2020Genetic and Epigenetic Modulation of Cell Functions by Physical ExerciseItalia Di Liegro
2019Genetic Determinants of Human LongevityDato, Serena (editor); Sørensen, Mette (editor); Rose, Giuseppina (editor)
2021Genetic Diversity Assessment and Marker-Assisted Selection in CropsMercati, Francesco (editors); Sunseri, Francesco (editors)
2021Genetic Perspectives in Thyroid CancerSilva, Susana Nunes (editor)
2017Genetics and Breeding for Productivity Traits in Forage and Bioenergy GrassesJohn W. Forster, Kevin F. Smith (editors)
2021Genetics of Animal Health and Disease in LivestockCastiglioni, Bianca (Ed.)
2020Genome Mining and Marine Microbial Natural ProductsHong, Kui; Zhang, Changsheng; Dobson, Alan
2021Genomics of Bacterial Metal ResistanceTurner, Raymond J. (Eds.); Mengoni, Alessio (Eds.); Viti, Carlo (Eds.)
2015Geochemistry And Tectonic Significance Of Chlorite Amphibolite In Nanfen BIF, Benxi Area, Northeastern ChinaWang, Ende; Han, Changik; Xia, Jianming; Yun, Sunggi
2020Geography Education Promoting SustainabilityJeronen, Eila (Ed.)
2015Geological, Mineralogical And Geochemical Studies Of Pyrite Deposits In The Eastern Part Of Douala Sub-Basin (Cameroon, Central Africa)Ngon, Gilbert François Ngon; Abomo, Pierre Stève; Mbog, Michel Bertrand; Mbaï, Joël Simon; Minyemeck, Thérèse Valérie Ngonlep; Fouateu, Rose Yongue