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Năm xuất bản Nhan đềTác giả
2016A better way of doing business? : lessons from the John Lewis PartnershipSalaman, Graeme; Storey, John
2010A Biologic Approach to Environmental Assessment and EpidemiologySmith, Thomas J.; Kriebel, David
2013A Brief History of the Philosophy of TimeBardon, Adrian
2015A Caribbean Forest Tapestry: The Multidimensional Nature of Disturbance and ResponseBrokaw, Nicholas; Crowl, Todd; Lugo, Ariel; McDowell, William
2015A Casimir-Dark Energy Nano Reactor Design—Phase OneNaschie, Mohamed S. El
2013A Child of One's Own: Parental Stories-1st ed.Bowlby, Rachel
2015A Companion to European Union Law and International LawPatterson, Dennis; Södersten, Anna (Edited)
2016A companion to heritage studiesLogan, William; Craith, Máiréad Nic; Kockel, Ullrich (editors)
2006A companion to museum studiesMacdonald, Sharon (editor)
2019A comparison of the nutrient composition and statistical profile in red pepper fruits (Capsicums annuum L.) based on genetic and environmental factorsKim, Eun‑Ha; Lee, So‑Young; Baek, Da‑Young; Park, Soo‑Yun; Lee, Sang‑Gu; Ryu, Tae‑Hoon; Lee, Seong‑Kon; Kang, Hyeon‑Jung; Kwon, Oh‑Hun; Kil, Mira; Oh, Seon‑Woo
1823A concise history of ancient institutions, inventions, and Discoveries in Science And Mechanic Art; Volume 1Beckmann, Johann
1823A concise history of ancient institutions, inventions, and Discoveries in Science And Mechanic Art; Volume 2Beckmann, Johann
2012A concise introduction to logic - 11th ed.Hurley, Patrick J.
2013A Condition of Doubt: The Meanings of HypochondriaBelling, Catherine
2008A Confusion of the Spheres: Kierkegaard and Wittgenstein on Philosophy and ReligionSchönbaumsfeld, Genia
2018A cosmopolitan perspective on learning and teaching EnglishLiu, Xinfang
2011A course in phoneticsLadefoged, Peter; Johnson, Keith
2018A Critical Investigation of English Language Teaching in Bangladesh: Unfulfilled expectations after two decades of Communicative Language TeachingRahman, Mohammad Mosiur; Pandian, Ambigapathy
2013A cultural history of fashion in the 20th and 21st centuries : from catwalk to sidewalk. 2nd ed.English, Bonnie
2010A Debate Over Rights: Philosophical EnquiriesKramer, Matthew H.