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Năm xuất bản Nhan đềTác giả
2018A Bibliometric Review on Risk Management and Building Information Modeling for International ConstructionGanbat, Tsenguun; Chong, Heap-Yih; Liao, Pin-Chao; Wu, You-Di
2019A Bilevel Multiobjective Optimisation Approach for Solving the Evacuation Location Assignment ProblemHammad, Ahmed W. A.
2019A BIM-Based Study on the Comprehensive Benefit Analysis for Prefabricated Building Projects in ChinaJi, Yingbo; Chang, Siwei; Yuan, Qi; Li, Yan; Li, Hong Xian; Qi, Kai
2020A Boundary Objects View of Entrepreneurial Ecosystems in TourismMilwood, Pauline A.; Maxwell, Andrew
2019A British Childhood? Some Historical Reflections on Continuities and Discontinuities in the Culture of Anglophone ChildhoodJarvis, Pam (editor)
2021A Buddhist Approach to International Relations: Radical InterdependenceLong, William J.
2019A Case Study on Field Monitoring Analysis of Deep Foundation Pit in Soft SoilsZhang, Xiaoshuang; Zhang, Xiuchuan; Han, Yunshan
2015A Casimir-Dark Energy Nano Reactor Design—Phase OneNaschie, Mohamed S. El
2018A Celebration of the Ties That Bind Us: Connections between Actuarial Science and Mathematical FinanceAlbert Cohen (editor)
2018A Combined Modal Correlation Criterion for Structural Damage Identification with Noisy Modal DataGeorgioudakis, Manolis; Plevris, Vagelis
2017A Community Based Program for Family Caregivers for Post Stroke Survivors in ThailandPitthayapong, Sararin; Thiangtam, Weena; Powwattana, Arpaporn...[et al.]
2019A Comparative Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of Warm Mix Asphalt (WMA) and Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) Pavement: A Case Study in ChinaMa, Hui; Zhang, Zhigang; Zhao, Xia; Wu, Shuang
2020A comparative study for determinants of gaming performance in Macao and Las VegasDeng, Qiang; Gu, Xinhua; Law, Rob; Lian, Zhaotong
2018A Comparative Study on Fracture Characteristics of the Red Sandstone under Water and Nitrogen Gas FracturingGao, Yanan; Gao, Feng; Wang, Zekai; Hou, Peng
2019A Comparative Test Study on the Seismic Damage Sustained by Frame-Core Tube StructuresLi, Zuohua; Chen, LiangLogo; Teng, Jun
2019A comparison of the nutrient composition and statistical profile in red pepper fruits (Capsicums annuum L.) based on genetic and environmental factorsKim, Eun‑Ha; Lee, So‑Young; Baek, Da‑Young; Park, Soo‑Yun; Lee, Sang‑Gu; Ryu, Tae‑Hoon; Lee, Seong‑Kon; Kang, Hyeon‑Jung; Kwon, Oh‑Hun; Kil, Mira; Oh, Seon‑Woo
2021A Composite Method for Improving the Pulse Shape Discrimination Efficiency of a Scintillation Detector Using EJ-301 LiquidPhan Van Chuan; Nguyen Xuan Hai; Nguyen Ngoc Anh et al.
2019A Comprehensive Review on Reasons for Tailings Dam Failures Based on Case HistoryLyu, Zongjie; Chai, Junrui; Xu, Zengguang; Qin, Yuan; Cao, Jing
2018A Computer-Aided Approach to Pozzolanic Concrete Mix DesignChing-Yun, Kao; Chin-Hung, Shen; Jing-Chi, Jan; Shih-Lin, Hung
2018A Computing Method for Sand Inrush Quantity through a Borehole in Longde Coal MineZhang, Boyang; Lin, Zhibin