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Năm xuất bản Nhan đềTác giả
1921A Dictionary of Applied ChemistryThorpe, Edward
2015A Dual Ensemble Agroclimate Modelling Procedure To Assess Climate Change Impacts On Sugarcane Production In AustraliaEveringham, Yvette; Inman-Bamber, Geoff; Sexton, Justin; Stokes, Chris
2018A Duty to Resist: When Disobedience Should Be UncivilDelmas, Candice
2012A fabulous kingdom : the exploration of the ArcticOfficer, Charles; Page, Jake
2004A First Book in AlgebraBoyden, Wallace C.
1999A first book in comprehension, pre'cis and composition = Luyện viết tiếng Anh, trình độ sơ và trung cấpAlexander, L.G.; Nguyễn, Thành Yến (dịch và chú giải)
2017A global history of architecture - 3rd ed.Ching, Francis D.K.
2005A Grammar of the English TongueJohnson, Samuel
2014A guide to ERP: Benefits, implementation and trendsProf. dr. Lineke Sneller RC
1853A Guide to Figure Drawing with IllustrationsHics, George Elgar
1877A Guide to Oil PaintingClint, Alfred
1877A Guide to Oil PaintingTempleton, J S.
2009A guide to the Business analysis body of knowledge (BABOK guide) . Version 2.0International Institute of Business Analysis; Brennan, Kevin
2002A guide to using qualitative research methodologyPatton, Michael Quinn; Cochran, Michael
1842A Hand-book of the History of Painting from the age of constantine the great to the present time. Part I: The Italian schools of paintingKugler, Franz; Eastlake, Charles Lock
1885A handbook for painters and art students on the character, nature, and use of colours : their permanent or fugitive qualities, and the vehicles proper to employ : also short remarks on the practice of painting in oil and water coloursMuckley, William J
1896A Handbook of Anatomy for Art StudentsThomson, Arthur
1890A Handbook of Legendary and Mythological ArtClement, Clara Ersine
1875A handbook of Pictorial ArtTyrwhitt, Richard St. John
1999A history of architectural conservationJokilehto, Jukka