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Năm xuất bản Nhan đềTác giả
2018Creating and Capturing Value through CrowdsourcingTucci, Christopher L.; Afuah, Allan; Viscusi, Gianluigi
2007Creating Silicon Valley in Europe: Public Policy Towards New Technology IndustriesCasper, Steven
2004Creationism's Trojan Horse: The Wedge of Intelligent DesignForrest, Barbara .; Gross, Paul R.
1948Creative Ceramics A Primitive Craft Becomes A Fine ArtLester, Kartherine Morris
2012Creative fashion drawing : a complete guide to design and illustration stylesChapman, Noel; Cheek, Judith
2011Creative motion graphic titling for film, video, and the webBraha, Yael; Byrne, Bill
2014Creative scarves : 20+ stylish projects to craft and stitchWindsor, Tiffany; Borchers, Heidi; Starr, Savannah
2018CREDIT 3 (TIN DUNG 3) - Lần 1 - HKINguyễn, Thị Thu Vân
2019CREDIT 3 - Lần 1 - HKIIINguyễn Thị Thu Vân
2018CREDIT 3 - Lần 2 - HKI (part 2)Nguyễn, Thị Thu Vân
2019Credit 3 - Lần 2 - HKIIINguyễn, Thị Thu Vân
2019Credit Default of Local Public Sectors in Chinese Government-Pay PPP Projects: Evidence from Ecological ConstructionYang, Jie; Song, Lingchuan; Xing, Zhongdan
2009Credit Risk Management: Basic Concepts: Financial Risk Components, Rating Analysis, Models, Economic and Regulatory CapitalGestel, Tony Van; Baesens, Bart
2010Credit risk measurement in and out of the financial crisis : new approaches to value at risk and other paradigmsSaunders, Anthony; Allen, Linda
2019Creep Investigation on Shale-Like Material with Preexisting Fissure under Coupling Temperatures and Confining PressuresWang, Yongyan; Wang, Hongwei; Shi, Xiao
2012Crime and Punishment: A Concise Moral CritiqueGross, Hyman
2012Crime In Ireland 1945–95: Here Be DragonsBrewer, John D.; Lockhart, Bill; Rodgers, Paula
2011Crime, Punishment, and Responsibility: The Jurisprudence of Antony DuffCruft, Rowan; Kramer, Matthew H.; Reiff, Mark R.
2015Crimes of Terror: The Legal and Political Implications of Federal Terrorism ProsecutionsSaid, Wadie E.
2012Criminal AttemptsDuff, R. A.